Top 7 Definitions of Success that Made Me a Better Person

by May San Pedro
definitions of success

Are you successful yet? If not, can you consider yourself on the right track to achieving it?  

Pause for a moment.   

Look back. 



A lot of people will say NO. If your answer is the same, continue reading. Perhaps, you already are, but you don’t realize it yet.  

There are many definitions of success. Some will define it as having a big house, owning a Ferrari, getting married, landing a good job, being famous, earning a degree, and having a savings account. Who doesn’t want them? We all do. 

Let me tell you something. The things I mentioned are a reflection of our society’s definitions of success and our thirst for more of what we already have. Humans are never content. We always want more. Wanting more is the primary reason why people cannot consider themselves successful.  

Admit it. We live in a world where success is often equated to how much money a person earns or what he can buy. 

You are not alone; I thought the same way, too.  

I started changing my perspective about success when I got invited to deliver a speech at college graduation. As a guest speaker with an audience of graduating university students, I chose to tackle what success was and how people should acquire it.

The preparation was so overwhelming. Not knowing where to begin, I started asking people around and reading articles online. As I continued searching for the definition of success for my speech, I got even more perplexed.  

Every person gave me a different version of their successes. Every article provided me a different answer. So then I thought of compiling the best ones and adding my version, too.  

You will never be happy if you continue to search for what happiness consists of. You will never live if you are looking for the meaning of life.

Albert Camus

Here are my  top 7 definitions of success that made me a better person. 

  1. Success is doing your best all the time, even if you fail. When you do something with all your heart and effort, that’s being successful, even when you fail. Success starts sprouting when you begin feeling proud of your small achievements in life. Never give up and get tired of trying again. After all, to be successful is a trial and error.  
  2. Success is having a home. If you have a place, a person, or something you think of as your home, where you can laugh, live and learn; then, you are successful.  
  3. Success is doing what your heart desires. When you’re doing something with your aspiration, you are successful. Defining your success according to what you genuinely like and not what others want for you is one of the best privileges a person can have. You cannot please everybody, and there will always be disappointments. However, when it comes from within, the journey is far more satisfying than the feeling of failing. Do what you love. Love what you do.  
  4. Success is setting your goals clearly. Having a clear vision of your life goals provides a direction for your future. Setting your goals will give you a long term vision and motivation so you can make use of your time and resources wisely.  
  5. Success is never stopping from learning. All successful people never prevent from developing new skill sets and gaining more knowledge. Read. Listen to podcasts or audio-books. Watch TED talks about a topic you are interested in. Attend training and seminars to expand your horizon. Re-fire and continue your growth. 
  6. Success is influencing others to succeed. When you help others grow, in return, you have a more incredible feeling of accomplishment. Look at what famous successful people do. They influence and connect to others.  
  7. Success is having a balanced life. The indicator of success is working hard and keeping busy at the cost of personal life. Successful people know how to align their personal lives with their jobs and families, making a balance between social and professional life. Taking a break is so important when you are aiming for positive results. It increases your productivity and creativity.  

These are just a few definitions of success that made me a better person. How about you? I’d love to hear your meaning of success. Comment down below.  

Success is what you choose to mean it. You create your own destiny because it is both a goal and a journey. Only when you set your goals of what you truly desire and not what others want for you will make you happy!

Trudy Pepper

Turning to the question, have you yet succeeded? You are, if you are doing most, if not all, of those things. Carpe diem!

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